The Best Auto Body Upgrades That Help To Improve Handling And Performance

Posted on: 8 March 2017

When you want to improve the handling of your car, mechanical upgrades are not the only improvements to consider. The body of your car also affects performance, which upgrades like ground-effects, spoilers and air vents will improve handling and performance. Here are some of the best auto body upgrades to give your ride better handling and performance:

1. Going Extreme and Chopping the Top for A Lower Center of Gravity

One of the problems with the handling of some vehicles are that they are top heavy. Older sedans, pickups, and SUVs, have higher centers of gravity. If you have one of these vehicles and want it to handle more like a sports car, there is something that you can do; chopping the top is an extreme measure but will make the center of gravity lower.  This is an extreme measure, but it is something that a good auto body repair shop will be able to help you with.

2. Adding Vents for Better Performance of Mechanical Parts by Keeping Them Cool

There are also a few things that can be done to improve the performance of your car. First, you may want to consider vents, which can be to cool the engine or the brakes. Consider vents in the fender-wells, which will help to keep brakes cool when using them for cornering. The hood of your car can have a hood scoop installed to help cool the engine and improve ventilation. The hood scoop can also improve airflow if the intake is moved to this area. In addition, you may want to consider using a lighter material for the hood to lower the weight of your car.

3. Ground Effects and Spoilers to Improve Aerodynamics and Lower the Center of Gravity

Ground effects are a good choice to give your car a lower center of gravity. These parts are addition to the body to make it appear lower, but they also have a functional purpose because they improve aerodynamics. In addition, ground effects often include front spoilers that help keep your car on the road. In addition to the front spoiler, you can have a more conventional spoiler added to the rear of your car to improve handling.

These are some of the best auto body upgrades to improvement the handling and performance of your car. If you are ready to improve handling, contact an auto body service like Wasatch Body Shop, Inc. and talk with them about installing ground effects and spoilers for your car.


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